The evil female mercenary

This unnamed female mercenary (Afifi Alaouie) appears in the 1995 action movie, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

She is the only female member of a terrorist group hired by a former DoD computer specialist gone rogue to hijack the Grand Continental train in the Rocky Mountains. Two of the passengers are current DoD employees who know the secret codes to control a top-secret military 

satellite particle weapon, which they want to sell to Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Unfortunately for the mercenaries, another passenger on the train is ex-Navy SEAL Casey Ryback (played by Steven Seagall). While most staff and passengers, including Ryback’s niece, are held hostage, Ryback teams up with Bobby Zachs (played by Morris Chestnut), the cabin boy who hid in the baggage room, to take down the terrorists and free the hostages.

The female mercenary seems to be the preferred choice of the terrorists’ leader, Marcus Penn (played by Everett McGill), when it comes to executing ruthless missions. She appears threatening torture to the DoD specialists, participates in murdering both of them afterwards by throwing them off the train into a deep valley, and is sent as a sniper to shoot Ryback from the roof of the train. The villainess hardly ever talks, takes orders without flinching, and usually carries them out to her commander’s satisfaction. She apparently kills for pleasure, as she is repeatedly seen smiling when killing or fighting (when she’s not, she seems rather impassive).

Finally, she gets the order to take down Bobby who is about to board a helicopter ordered by the terrorists. She pursues him into the flying helicopter and confidently engages into the fight against her weaker opponent. The evil mercenary dominates the fight until Bobby, in a surprising move, uses a martial arts hold taught to him earlier in the movie by Ryback’s niece. Now incapacitated and unable to break free from the grip, the villainess yelps from pain or irritation (or both).  Bobby forces her towards the sliding door and easily shoves her out of the helicopter. With a piercing scream, she falls down about 30 ft to violently hit the moving train with a bonk, probably dying instantly from the impact. Bobby takes control of the helicopter.