Female Punk Death Wish 3
This unnamed Female Punk was the girlfriend of gang leader Manny Fraker (Gavin O'Herlihy), the main antagonist of Death Wish 3. She was played by Barbie Wilde, a Canadian-born British actress and writer. She appeared as a member of Fraker's gang, garbed in a leather jacket with chains, blue jeans, and a red-dyed hair. She would take part of the attacking of the East New York neighborhood with her gang.

Later, she would witness the death of Manny Fraker, which resulted Fraker being obliterated by an M72 LAW anti-tank launcher fired by protagonist Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson). In a brief standoff with the citizens who were now willing to fight back against the gang, a gang member passes on the chain of leadership. One gang member asks for retaliation, but the girlfriend later orders them stands down. Now without a clear leader, the gang realizes they've lost and flee the scene as the neighbors cheer in celebration and with police sirens in the distance.

It is unknown if she was arrested when the NYPD reinforcements arrived in the neighborhood.