Female Werewolf

The evil and unnamed Female Werewolf

The unnamed Female Werewolf was a villainess from "Wayward Sisters," episode 13.10 of Supernatural, which also served as the backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff, Supernatural: Wayward Sisters (airdate January 18, 2018).

She was the lone female member of a werewolf pack which was led by Ed and featured a second male member. The trio abducted a young girl named Amanda Fitzmartin, with Ed torturing before they were set on devouring her. They were tracked by Claire Novak, who posed as a delivery person with a package, right before she killed both Ed and the male member. The evil female werewolf appeared behind Claire just as she was about to untie Amanda, snarling at Claire after she surfaced. Claire later turned around and shot the villainess to death with silver bullets.

Trivia Edit

  • Because the episode served as a backdoor pilot for the spinoff, the Female Werewolf is technically the first villainess of the Supernatural: Wayward Sisters series, and the only one due to the series not moving forward.