Maria Mercedes "Fish" Mooney is a former member of the Falcone crime family and the owner of Mooney's nightclub. Working for Don Falcone they plotted against him, trying to defeat him, so she could again take over his criminal empire, even if it ultimately was defeated by her former Umbrella Man Oswald Cobblepot. Her body was later stored at the Indian Hill facility at Arkham Asylum, where it is later resurrected from the dead by Professor Hugo Strange.


  • Mind control: After her resurrection, Fish developed the ability to order someone what to do against their will with a touch of her hand.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Cellular Degeneration: Every time Mooney uses her power, her DNA deteriorates due to her body rejecting the new cells. However, the damage can be undone by not using her powers.

Gallery Edit

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