The Furries are an all-female gang in the superhero-comedy movie, Mystery Men.

Role Edit

The Furries are an all-female gang that Casanova Frankenstein invited to his mansion in a gathering of all the gangs of the city.

Fate Edit

In the final showdown, the Mystery Men attack the villain's base. Casanova instructs the Furries stay behind in the main hall to "delay the heroes" (shows that Casanova know they won't be able to defeat the heroes).

The Furries sit seductively on the stairs to wait for the heroes to enter.

As the heroes enter, the Furries continue to perform some high kicks and swing their fluffy nunchakus in a sign that they mean to fight the heroes hand-to-hand.

The heroes proceed to use their clothes shrinking ray instead of engaging the women in combat, resulting in each woman falling over in pain and squirming on the floor as their already tight fitting clothes shrink, giving them the mother of all wedgies.

The women are left screaming on the floor as the heroes run off to deal with the rest of Casanova's gang.

We last see these women after the heroes has destroyed Casanova's main weapon and the building is falling apart. They were still struggling on the floor, but we see them help each other up and make a run for it to escape the building.

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