Gabriella Sterner is the maint anatogist in the 2005 Norwegian Drama Skattejakten. (The Treasure Hunt) She is the girlfriend of Oscar Sterner, the proanatogist's rich uncle, who is also looking for the treasure. She is played by actress Siv-Charlotte Klynderud.


Gabriella as she appears in episode 5.

Gabriella is a spoiled, brat who wants to get the treasure (which is the holy grail) to get her youth back. She thinks that infinity youth will be infinity beauty.

In the last episode (after being tricked by the proanatogist's believed late great grandfather), Gabriella tries to burn down the familiy's cottage. After a little chat the great grandfather (played by Per Oscarsson) throws her the grail. When she grabs the grai, the torch she is holding falls out of her hands, and she sets fire on herself. After a scene with Gabriella screaming in pain and fear, she is jumping out in the nearby water. In the end, she is helped up by the proanatogist's, though burned.


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