Gene 1 New Cutey Honey
Gene (
ジーンis the main antagonist of the fifth episode of the 1994 action adventure OVA "New Cutey Honey" (aka. "Shin Cutie Honey" / 新・キューティーハニー). 

She is voiced by Ai Orikasa in the original and Erin Roseaire in the English dub.


Gene is the leader of a small, all-female gang in Cosplay City. She has her underlings, Jan, Pokey and Natsuko steal a bomb that was recently pilfered by Cutie Honey and co. from a terrorist. When some other thugs attack Gene's gang, the villainess easily dispatches them, due to powers given to her by Panther Zora, the evil leader of the criminal organization Panther Claw. Transforming into a lizard-like beast, she murders Jan and Pokey, and then battles Cutie Honey, who ultimately kills her.


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