Gloria Reaper

Gloria (Julia Anderson) is the main villainess from Reaper episode 1.03, "All Mine." In life, she was the mistress to the older Harold Bunsen, and she was so deeply obsessed with Harold that she killed his wife to they could be together. In death, she was devoured by bugs while she was in Hell, as karma for dumping the body of Harold's wife in a compost heap that was covered with bugs.

Gloria escaped hell hoping to get back together with Harold, and her jealous obsession led her to kill any woman who she felt was in her way. Gloria had the ability to become a swarm of bugs, using that power on her victims. She first encountered Sock while he was searching for the escaped soul, only to learn the truth about Gloria when a bee flies inside of her.

Sam and Ben find Sock in Gloria's evil clutches, and at that moment, Harold stated to Gloria that he was never in love with her but was just "in it for the sex"; only staying with her after he realised that she had killed his wife out of fear.  The furious villainess decided to focus on Harold, but at that moment, Sam captures Gloria with a vessel resembling a cross between a toaster and a bug zapper.

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  • Julia Anderson later portrayed the evil Alice Walters in Secret Liaison (credited as Julia Benson).

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