Gold Digger 5 New Cutey Honey
Gold Digger (ゴールドディガー) 
 is the main antagonist of the eigth episode of the 1994 action adventure OVA "New Cutey Honey" (aka. "Shin Cutie Honey" / 新・キューティーハニー). 

She is voiced by Yuri Amano in the original and Kim Sevier in the English dub.

As her name would imply, Gold Digger is obsessed with gold. She manages to incapacitate an elderly scientist named Doctor Kabuto and steal is teleportation invention "ISRM" by posing as one of his fans. After learning of the crimewave happening across the city involving stolen gold, Kisaragi Honey offers to help the scientist.

Gold Digger 9 New Cutey Honey
Honey and a former minion of Dolmeck, Peeping Spider, manage to ambush Gold Digger right after she murders four guards to obtain an enormous amount of gold bars. However, the heroes are temporarily sent to the inside of a freezer, thanks to the ISRM. Posing as a gold statue, Honey later makes a second attempt, and is successfully able to get the invention out of her hands. Having no other choice, the villainess uses the power of Panther Zora to transform into a monster, which enables her to retrieve the device once more. Gold digger is deafeated when Honey destroys the ISRM, causing it to violently rip her body apart.

Gold Digger 2 New Cutey Honey

Betraying the scientist...

Gold Digger 4 New Cutey Honey

Gold Digger 6 New Cutey Honey

...and killing the guards.

Gold Digger 3 New Cutey Honey
Gold Digger 1 New Cutey Honey

Gold Digger 7 New Cutey Honey

Honey easily slices through her weaponry...

Gold Digger 8 New Cutey Honey
Gold Digger 10 New Cutey Honey

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