Evil Grace

The evil Grace Ferrin

Grace Ferrin (Arija Bareikis) is the hidden villainess from the 2013 thriller, The Purge. She is the next door neighbor of the Sandin family (the film's main protagonists) and she is shown early in the film greeting Mary Sandin and discussing her Purge party.

Grace resurfaces later in the film, as she and the rest of the neighbors appeared to have saved the Sandins from a group of maniacal Purgers, who already killed James Sandin. However, Grace turned heel and revealed that she and the rest of her group plan to kill the Sandins themselves. Regarding a motive, the evil Grace expressed jealousy of the Sandins; claiming that they became rich and flaunted their success to her and the rest of the neighbors, who share Grace's sentiment. Grace's evil plans are thwarted when a homeless man (who was saved by the Sandins) appears and shoots one of the neighbors before holding Grace and the remaining neighbors at gunpoint.

Grace demands that the man kills her, but Mary stated that they will all sit together and wait out the rest of the Purge in peace. Despite this, Grace attempted to grab a rifle from Mary's possession and go through with her murderous acts, only for Mary to strike the villainess on her nose with the back end of the rifle, and later smashing Grace's face on the table. After the Purge officially ends, Grace--her nose bloodied and broken--leaves the Sandin house with the rest of the neighbors.


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