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Greta played a virtual reality henchwoman in the 1995 science fiction movie, "Virtual Combat", which is also known as "Grid Runners". Greta is played by the actress Dawn Ann Billings.

Greta is brought to life out of a gooey bubbling liquid. She wears a revealing black leather outfit with web designed bra, choker necklace, opera gloves, hot pants, boots, and carries a whip as her weapon. She is created from a cybersex game site and used as a dominatrix bully to do her boss' bidding.

Toward the end of the movie, she gets in a fight in an alley with Don "The Dragon" Wilson. She gets repeatedly kicked in the stomach, which disrupts her synthetic molecular structure. As a result, she disintegrates from a light which originates from her chest and then takes over her whole body. After the light leaves, a flame is imprinted on the stone wall.

Dawn Ann Billings greta
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