Totally spies profile

These green clad henchwomen appear in the Totally Spies Episode Evil Bouquets are so passé. They are led by a Poison Ivy inspired man-hating villainess.

These henchwomen make their first appearance on jet skis as they ambush the spies who are getting close to their lair. 3 henchwomen are dispatched and a short chase scene takes place as each henchwoman is eventually taken down, being left without a jet ski in the water.

2 more henchwomen make an appearance at the episode climax as they and their boss try to escape the island on a cargo plane. The spies manage to infiltrate the plane and take on 2 henchwomen. They are eventually defeated after being stung by paralyzing plant needles and then gassed by their own sleeping-gas spewing flowers.

== Appearance ==

All henchwomen wear identical white and green skintight jumpsuits with white high heal boots. The all appear to be in their 20s and sport different haircuts and hair colors.

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