IM Slime 01
I.M. Slime
is the secondary antagonist of the 2000 animated Christmas special "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer".

She is a lawyer who conspires with Cousin Mel to help frame Santa for the kidnapping of Grandma Spankenheimer. Unlike the special's head villainess, however, it is never confirmed if she was punished for her involvement.

IM Slime 02

Introducing herself alongside of Austin Bucks...

IM Slime 03

...and already taking a dislike to junior hero, Jake Spankenheimer.

IM Slime 04

Creeping behind Santa's sleigh...

IM Slime 05

...and creating a diversion to make sure that Grandma "stays missing".

IM Slime 06

Imprisoning the abducted elder in a cabin hidden out of the way...

IM Slime 07

...and singing her villain song with Mel.

IM Slime 08

Everything's looking great for the duo, but it doesn't last long!

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