The evil Jackalle with her deadly beasts

Jackalle is a villainess from Zoot Comics #14 she appears in the Rulah, Jungle Goddess story Death's Grim Reflection.

She is first seen releasing her tiger into Rulah's village to feast on the people, the tiger ends up killing a woman.

She is next seen with the story's main villain, a man called The Prophet who can see the future, and also see things currently occurring far away with the power of a medal. The Prophet wants Jackalle to kill Rulah and an American agent who has entered the jungle in search of The Prophet.

Jackalle is seen training various deadly animals to kill Rulah, and later she manages to capture Rulah with one of them, a gorilla. She brings Rulah to The Prophet, who then has Rulah thrown in to a cage to fight Jackalle's deadly trained animals one at a time. Jackalle enjoys the spectacle on the outside of the cage, but Rulah manages to kill a panther, gorilla and leopard and is eventually saved by the American agent, who starts firing at the villains.

Jackalle flees from The Prophet's cave, Rulah escapes and overhears Jackalle plotting to kill The Prophet and take his medal. Rulah informs The Prophet of this, and he sees it to be true with the power of his medal. He runs after Jackalle, who is feeding her alligators, Jackalle pushes the Prophet into the water to be eaten by the alligators, but not before The Prophet grabs her leg and pulls her in with him. Both villains presumably die soon afterwards.