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Janet Owen (Susan Travers) is a villainess who appears in an episode of the TV series “The Avengers” (My Wildest Dream).

Steed and Tara King are investigating a series of murders which are committed by people who were sleep walking. The assailants wake up with no re-collection of the event. The mastermind behind these crimes is Dr Tobias, who is psychologically programming his patients to become deadly sleep-walkers. He is assisted by Nurse Janet Owen who lures each victim into a trap so that they can be sedated and then brain washed.

When Steed gets close to finding out the truth, Nurse Owen captures one of Tara’s friends (Teddy) and brainwashes him to kill Steed. She takes Teddy to Steed’s apartment and waits for him to kill him. However, Tara uncovers the plot and races over to Steed’s. Nurse Owen tries to stop Tara by throwing a case at her, but Tara dodges this. Tara slams a car door onto Janet’s legs, causing her to yell in pain. She then delivers a right cross to Janet’s jaw, knocking her out and leaving her slumped across the car seats.


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Getting nervous...

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Tara KO's Janet

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