Janice Perry

The evil Janice Perry

Janice Perry (Patricia Tallman) is the hidden villainess from Tales From the Darkside episode 4.16, "Family Reunion" (airdate May 22, 1988). She is the estranged wife of Robert Perry, and she had been meeting with Trudy, a social worker, regarding gaining custody of her son, Bobby. Janice claimed that Robert was keeping her from seeing him, but in actuality, Bobby was a werewolf and was being locked up by Robert every full moon.

After her first attempt to see Bobby is thwarted by Robert, Janice returned to the home at the episode's climax, along with Trudy. After Trudy learns the truth and sees Bobby turn into a werewolf, she ran out of the room and locked the door. Robert enters with a gun and walks slowly toward the room, but at that moment, Janice knocks him out with one punch.

Shortly afterwards, Janice turned heel and revealed herself as a werewolf, snarling evilly at her fallen husband. After her villainous transformation, the evil Janice later attacked Trudy, throwing her against a wall and knocking her unconscious. Janice then broke down the door and embraced her werewolf son, with the episode ending with both werewolves howling.