Jennie Silverman

The evil Jennie Silverman

Jennie Silverman (Alanna Ubach) is the main villainess from Monk episode 3.07, "Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month."

Jennie Silverman is an employee at a Mega Mart who was secretly planning to rob a bank that was close to the store. To do that, she needed to become Employee of the Month, which included (among other things) a parking space close to the bank. However, longtime employee Edna Coruthers kept winning that nod, and knowing that she would win again, Jennie planned to kill her. She lured Edna to a loading dock, where she went after her with a forklift. Edna crashed into a pallet, causing a TV box to fall on her and kill her.

Jennie ended up becoming Employee of the Month, and in the episode's climax, she is shown behind the wheel of a getaway van, while her henchmen dug a tunnel to the bank and robbed it. After the robbery was completed, Jennie and her goons attempted to getaway, but they were stopped when Joe Christie fired a shot at one of the tires, causing them to crash into a parked vehicle. The villainous trio was later apprehended and arrested.


  • Alanna Ubach later appeared on The Mentalist as the evil Dr. Gidry.


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