Jennifer Carpenter F13

The psychotic villainess, Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter (Elizabeth MacLellan) is a villainess from Friday the 13th: The Series, appearing in Season Two's "Wedding Bell Blues" (airdate May 20, 1989).

Jennifer was a waitress at a bar where her boyfriend, Danny, has been winning at pool left and right and plans to win a tournament with a lucrative cash prize. Micki and her new contact, Johnny Ventura (who makes his debut in the series) suspects that Danny's luck at pool is contributed to a cursed and indestructable pool cue, which gains its power when it is used to commit murders.

In actuality, Jennifer is revealed as the villainess when she uses the cue to kill one of the players. Jennifer's plan was to make sure Danny wins the tournament, believing that he'll marry her if that happens; mainly due to the fact that she's pregnant with his baby. When Jennifer catches Danny cheating on her with her sister, Christy, the psychotic villainess killed Christy with the cursed cue. Her anger intensifies later in the episode when Danny stated that he had no plans to marry Jennifer, which led to a violent confrontation that saw Jennifer bludgeoned by Danny. During Danny's big pool game however, Jennifer later appeared--bloodied and in a wedding dress--and killed Danny. She is presumably arrested for his murder, among others.