Jennifer Hodgins

Murderous gold digger Jennifer Hodgsons

Jennifer Hodgsons (Stephanie Peterson) is the main villainess of "Bride and Doom", the 6th episode of the short-lived Lifetime series Inspector Mom (airdate April 1, 2007). She was the wealthy and spoiled daughter of oil tycoon Bill Hodgsons, but their luck took a bad turn when his company became the victim of numerous lawsuits. Desperate to prevent her wealthy life from being destroyed, Jennifer decided to marry the wealthy Hugh Emory, whose best friend Omar Wright was Jennifer's previous boyfriend. Hugh's institutionalized brother Perry caught on to Jennifer's true intentions with Hugh, but Hugh refused to listen.

Prior to the wedding, Jennifer had Hugh write out new wills and also had the priest for the wedding Father Lawrence sign a marriage certificate so that she could inherit all of Hugh's money after she killed him. The villainous blonde then went about murdering Hugh by planting a pipe bomb in a decorative pillar on the staircase of the Emery house (where the wedding was taking place). During her wedding march, after the power went off during a thunderstorm that was occurring, Jennifer detonated the bomb, causing a urn to strike Hugh on the head and kill him. Jennifer feigned heartbreak before sneaking away to change clothes and hide the detonator.

But Jennifer's plan began to spiral when Perry showed up, having broken out of the sanatorium he was committed to in a futile attempt to warn his brother. Perry then showed the wedding guests the marriage contract Jennifer had manipulated Father Lawrence into signing, which Jennifer tried to justify as insurance to prevent her disapproving father from stopping her wedding, theatrically tearing up the contract and breaking down in an effort to appear innocent of the accusations. However, Maddie Munroe (the investigator protagonist of the series who was covering the high society wedding for her newspaper) uncovered the final pieces of evidence proving Jennifer's guilt, including a broken urn in the kitchen broom closet from when Jennifer rehearsed her villainous plot. Once confronted, Jennifer broke down and admitted that she had simply wanted to marry Hugh to get access to his money, telling Bill she had done it so they would be rich again. After revealing that her behavior the whole night had been a ruse, Jennifer apologized for arguing with Bill and hugged him, saying she wanted to be his little girl again. Jennifer was later arrested offscreen.