Jennifer Kamplan

Sociopathic mastermind Jennifer Kamplan

Jennifer Kamplan (Sean Young) is the main protagonist and also the hidden true villainess from the 2006 Lifetime film, A Job to Kill For (airdate June 27, 2006). She is the recently promoted head of an advertising company.

Jennifer hired a new assistant, Stacy Sherman, who possessed a hidden sinister side, as it turned out that she began showing a deranged devotion to Jennifer. Stacy’s obsession even leads to her breaking into Jennifer’s house and stabbing Jennifer's husband, Patrick, in his stomach with a knife. Jennifer rushed home to see Stacy, who told her that she has killed her husband. After hearing her serenely reveal her motive for stabbing Patrick, Jennifer pulled out a gun from her drawer and then turned heel by shooting Stacy in her right shoulder.

At that moment, Jennifer revealed her true game plan: her marriage was falling apart and Patrick wanted to divorce her, so Stacy killing him is the perfect way to end the marriage without having to give up half of what she has in a divorce settlement. She also told Stacy about her devotion to her and how she's using it to get what she wants, while also claiming that Stacy has always needed her. After her evil speech and also a short conversation, the manipulative villainess shot Stacy again, this time killing her. Jennifer later disheveled herself and tells the police that Stacy killed her husband and came after her, which is why she shot her. In the film’s final minutes, however, it is revealed that Patrick survived after they find a pulse, and the last scene showed Jennifer with a worried expression on her face, as her greedy plan is beginning to falling apart after Patrick mentioned how her “...‘perfect creative execution...’ wasn’t so perfect.” It is also assumed, but not shown, that Jennifer was then arrested for killing Stacy and also for the plot to kill her husband. 


  • Sean Young is best known for her lead role in Blade Runner. She also played Lois Einhorn in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Regarding villainous roles, she also portrayed femme fatale Lola in the 1993 film Fatal Instinct.


  • “I don’t think so.” (Jennifer as she points her gun at Stacy)
  • “Yes... you did. You killed a husband for me.” (Jennifer temporarily plays into Stacy’s delusions)
  • “If you plan it carefully, a good campaign can sell anything to anybody. (Stacy: “Eh... Ah... Wh– What...?”) Planning is always the key... for a perfect creative execution, and nobody plans a campaign better than I do; you know that. I wasn’t gonna let Patrick divorce me and take half of everything I worked for: my home, my savings, my stock options. No way! (Stacy: “N– No! You loved him!”) Once, maybe, but he’s wanted out for a while now, and I needed a little time to find a way to get rid of him without losing everything. Time to find... someone who was... pathetic—someone who needed love, trust, encouragement. Someone who was like you, willing to die for me.” (Jennifer reveals her true sociopathic personality to Stacy, as well as using her to eliminate her husband)
  • “Oh, sweetheart. You’re a loose end.” (Jennifer reveals her true opinion about Stacy)
  • “You sure about that?” (Jennifer’s smug response to Stacy’s claim that the former needs the latter)
  • “No. No, Stacy. You’ve always needed me.” (Jennifer’s counterclaim to Stacy)
  • “Yeah. I know.” (Jennifer’s words to Stacy, which she states to her before she shoots Stacy in her right shoulder, and also before she shoots her in her heart)
  • “I was too late! She killed my husband, and then came after me! I had no choice! I had a gun... Eh... Oh, my God! Oh, my God...” (Jennifer’s last words in the film)