Jennifer O'Brien

The evil Jennifer O'Brien

Jennifer O'Brien (Lynda Boyd) was a villainess from Supernatural, appearing in Season Eight's "Pac-Man Fever" (airdate April 24, 2013). She was a coroner who was really, in secret, a Djinn. Jennifer was a different type of Djinn, as her kind fed on her victims' fear and left them dead with their bodies filled with a gelatinous substance. Regarding her physical appearance, Jennifer flashed a pair of glowing blue eyes.

Jennifer was also a mother; her son was also a Djinn just like her, and he had been feeding on several victims and leaving the bodies lying around. To cover her son's tracks, Jennifer had the bodies burned years ago, but when two of them are discovered, the Winchesters and Charlie Bradbury are on the case. Charlie distracts Jennifer with small talk while the brothers inspect one of the bodies, but Jennifer eventually catches on to all three of them.

Later on, the evil Jennifer appeared at Charlie's apartment and flashed her blue eyes to reveal her true form. She later kidnaps Charlie and takes her to an abandoned warehouse where she feeds off her fear. Sam and Dean find Charlie at the warehouse, but Jennifer catches Sam and makes her move on him. Dean later appeared and killed Jennifer with a knife through her heart.

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  • Lynda Boyd previously appeared on Sanctuary as recurring villainess Dana Whitcomb.

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