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These are minor antagonists in an issue of the comic book series Power Man and Iron Fist (issue 65. September 1980) Jeryn Hogarth, eccentric mega billionaire and CEO of Rand Meachum (also part owner of Heroes for Hire ) wants to get someone to infiltrate his private army of female bodyguards who guard his futuristic Bond Villain style Headquarters in the remote Canadian Rockies  

They are attractive and athletic young women, clad in tight fitting military style uniforms.  

Jeryn suspects that their ranks have been infiltrated by hostile outside corporate interests.  

He summons Power Man and Iron Fist to his office in the structure and tells them of his plans to use their secretary Jennie Royce to join his guards ranks and expose the culprit or culprits, a suggestion all three emphatically reject!  

But events soon intervene when El Aguila, a Zorro-style Spanish vigilante comes seeking to arrest and extradite Jeryn Hogarth to the United States, ( he is under the false impression is corrupt ) El Aguila launches an attack on Jeryn's Aerie HQ using his electric knockout blasts. Hogarth's guards are soon falling like tenpins!  

Luke Cage attempts to confront the Spaniard but gets buried under a snow fall for his trouble as does Iron Fist who disarms Aguila of his sword but is taken by surprise when he manages to escape after he fires another blast at him from a grappling hook!  

Aguila's attack has decimated the ranks of the loyal guards, the infiltrators realise this and come out into the open, attacking the remaining loyal guards and looting the Aerie and the situation seems dire!    

In the confusion caused by Aguila's attack, the infiltrators among Hogarth's women launch their own bid to take over the aerie by force, Aguila realises his mistake and that his attack has inadvertantly knocked out many loyal guards, but he teams up with Luke and Fist and the few remaining loyal guards and the infiltrators are soon routed. Several of the infitrators attempt to stash stolen loot in one of the helicopters and make a last bid to escape, but fist uses his punch to knock out the rotor blade and causes it to crash. One of the traitor guards attempts to take Hogarth hostage, but Jennie Royce saves the day by knocking her out with an antique china horse.   

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