Jessica Bennett

Villainous robber Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett was a villainess from "Spoon", episode 1.04 of Lifetime's The Protector (airdate July 10, 2011). She and her lover, Rory Griffith, were a pair of serial robbers known as "The Newlywed Bandits", targeting high-end jewelry stores. To commit their robberies, Jessica would distract the store clerks while Rory made off with the jewelry.

After a three year crime spree, Jessica and Rory were caught and sentenced to prison. But on the night before they were to face sentencing, Jessica and Rory were found dead in their hotel room in an apparent suicide via carbon monoxide poisoning.

Video footage of the party Jessica and Rory held before their deaths revealed that the villainous couple had plans to flee rather than submit themselves to the police. Rory and Jessica's killer was ultimately revealed as Penelope McDaniel, as her life had fallen apart after the duo stole her wedding ring. Penelope went about killing Jessica and Rory by drugging them with GHB, placing them in the hotel room together to die of carbon monoxide poisoning after tampering with the room's gas fireplace.