Jessica Ford

Jessica is a FBI agent gone rogue after infiltrating a criminal organization (1.1-1.2; "The Missing Body Mystery") She is portrayed by Barbara Stock. Father Dowling and his female sidekick first get to know her as one of the gangsters involved in murder and other crimes and have her arrested by the police. At the police station, they are told that their trap interfered with an FBI operation, conducted by Jessica herself who is set free to pursue her investigation. It is later revealed that she is a criminal also, but Father Dowling is not able to gather enough convincing evidence against her, so it seems that Jessica will triumph in the end. When she is about to drive away, she is, however, blown up by a hidden bomb placed under her car by revengeful accomplices of the mafia. Barbara Stock seems (or seemed) to be a regular cast for villainous roles: She also played Jacqueline “Jackie” Holt (In the Heat of the Night) and Amy Robbins in T.J. Hooker.

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