Jewel Panther 08 Enemy Gold

Jewel Panther (Julie Strain) is a secondary antagonist in the 1993 action film "Enemy Gold".

Jewel is a faithful assassin who works for the film's main antagonist and crime czar, Santiago. When three Dallas cops, Becky, Mark, and Chris, begin interfering with Santiago's operations, the villain brings the female killer in to help take them out.

Eventually, the (surviving) bad guys get the upper hand on the heroes, but only briefly. Retreating to their helicopter, Jewel and Santiago plan to flee, but are ultimately blown out of the sky by Becky using an explosive crossbow bolt.

Jewel Panther 01 Enemy Gold

Breaking the fingers of a pathetic pua outside of Santiago's stripclub...

Jewel Panther 02 Enemy Gold

...while intimidating the others as she makes her way inside.

Jewel Panther 04 Enemy Gold

Stepping into boss's office...

Jewel Panther 03 Enemy Gold

...she has zero qualms agreeing to his murderous plan.

Jewel Panther 05 Enemy Gold

Seducing a couple of patrolmen...

Jewel Panther 06 Enemy Gold

...before killing them and stealing their boat.

Jewel Panther 07 Enemy Gold

Night falls, and Jewel practices her martial arts moves.

Jewel Panther 09 Enemy Gold

She seems to have got the better of them...

Jewel Panther 10 Enemy Gold

...but only for the moment, Mr. Grady. Only for the moment.

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