The evil Joket

Joket, also known as Joketsu (ジョケツ) or Marshal Joketsu (ジョケツ元帥), is a villainess who appears in episodes 22-26 of the anime UFO Warrior Dai Apolon (UFO戦士ダイアポロン). Some of her scenes were also used for Shadow World, a movie created by combining 5 episodes of the anime and dubbing them into English for western audiences. In Shadow World the character is known as Josephine.

She is introduced as a replacement general for the Army of Dazaan, taking on the position and responsibilities of her recently deceased brother. Joket has a very strong and commanding personality and has no problem in giving orders to her subordinate Balai, but she clashes with Commander Gyranik and seems unwilling to accept his authority over her.

She is a very cruel and sadistic person and takes pleasure in torturing people, at one point she whips and electrocutes a bound hostage and laughs as he screams in pain. Throughout the series she is often heard letting out evil laughter, usually because she's finding humour in the pain and misfortune of others.

Later in the story the Emperor makes a video call and demotes Commander Gyranik and replaces him with Joket, a promotion that now gives her the position of Commander. Once the call ends Joket thoroughly enjoys herself and laughs at Gyranik's predicament. She never liked Gyranik when he was her Commander and the fact that she is now his superior and he is her subordinate gives her a lot of pleasure. This humiliation leads to resentment from Gyranik, and he eventually ends up betraying Dazaan and helps the heroes.

Commander Joket is eventually killed when the giant robot she is in command of is destroyed by the heroes. The outside of the robot can be seen burning and on the verge of exploding, meanwhile inside of the giant robot Joket and her men are shown burning. Seconds later the robot explodes, bringing an end to the evil Joket.


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