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Judy Hellen

Judy Hellen was something of an innovator among villainesses. She took the archetype of the Have-it-All career girl and applied it to Underworld careers. Glamourous, running a criminal enterprise, AND a single mother! She was depicted in a 1968 episode of Adam-12, "Color TV Bandits" by actress and former beauty pageant winner, Cloris Leachman.


Judy was an up-and-coming career girl in the drug industry. Unfortunately, the drugs were of the illegal variety. This brought her to the attention of the LAPD; after a concerned citizen reported a disturbance at Judy's apartment. As it turned out, her offspring had gotten into her inventory; the babysitter ran away at the approaching police cars.

Judy returned home to find her apartment swarming with men in uniforms, and her kids blissfully dreaming of candy-cane forests, mushroom temples, and strawberry fields. The police weren't reassured by Judy's protests of innocence. She removed her coat and dropped it on the pills scattered on the floor, moving it with her foot. Another mistake---as if a villainess with legs as nice as hers wouldn't be noticed by a room full of men!

Officer Malloy seizes the opportunity to put the little villainess in handcuffs, despite a lot of squirming and protesting by the very angry Judy.

IMG 1684

"There's really nothing to see here, officers."

IMG 1688

As if legs this nice wouldn't be noticed!


"This is so not fair!"


You're under arrest, Judy...

IMG 1709

An angry villainess on her way to punishment...

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