Juliane Wiegand, a cute and innocent looking blonde, is the hidden villainess in one episode of the German crime series “Soko Köln” (4.1; “Später Ruhm” = ‘Late Glory’). She is played by Alexandra Schalaudek.

Soko Köln Später Ruhm

Juliane Wiegand

Juliane is an assistant professor at the University of Cologne where she gives lectures on creative writing. As her superior, professor Radowski, dean of the faculty and bestselling author, is found murdered in his office, the team of Soko Köln (Soko means ‘special investigation unit’, “Köln” being the German city of Cologne) tries to find out who could possibly be a mortal enemy of the victim. At the end, it becomes clear that Juliane was not only the dean’s former lover, but also and foremost the real author of ‘his’ bestseller since Radowski had stolen Juliane’s manuscript and sold it under his own name. As she realized that he would continue with his lies and had no intention to reveal that she was the really gifted writer (not him), Juliane grabbed a small statue (Friedrich Schiller?) and stroke him down in anger.

After her confession, Juliane is arrested and led away in handcuffs.

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