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Junior Destroyers

The junior destroyers were a gang of schoolgirls in the 2009 movie, High Kick Girl. They are minions for the movie's main villain who meet the heroine for a brief showdown in an abandoned school.

Story Edit

A young high-school girl named Kei Tsuchida (Rina Takeda) joins a karate dojo. Born with extraordinary athletic ability, she quickly outshines her classmates. Despite all her accomplishments, the dojo master Matsumura does not award her the coveted “Blackbelt”.

Kei feels that she possesses the skills and deserves her blackbelt. Kei will do whatever she has to do to get it, including besting all the best karate fighters in the area in combat. Having finally exhausted her available opponents, she foolishly decides to join a rival fighting group called the Destroyers at the advice of her friend. Kei becomes deeply involved with Destroyers until one day she discovers the true purpose of their leader.

Unknown to her, he is secretly planning a revenge attack on her master Matsumura for an old grievance. Kei is shocked and decides to warn her master. But, it is too late. The Destroyers elite fighters kidnap Kei and are on their way to destroy Matsumura.

Role in the Story Edit

Junior Destroyers

The Junior Destroyers, are their name implies are junior members of the Destroyer gang that’s composed of schoolgirls (sukeban). Kai meets them at an abandoned school and fights the whole gang singlehanded in the classroom.

Fate Edit

The Junior Destroyers inly appear once in the movie, and are all quickly taken out by the heroine. They show decent fighting skills, but are completely outclassed b the superior Kai.

The defeats are quiet violent for a female gang. While none of them are killed, they are taken out with vicious kicks to the head, and falls from the top of school desks.

Gallery Edit

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