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Cory Everson as Kara

In DOUBLE IMPACT, Jean-Claude VanDamm plays a double role as twin brothers out to find their parents' killers in Hong Kong.

The villain's deadly henchwoman Kara is played by bodybuilder Corinna (Cory) Everson.

Kara handles the bad guy's dirty work and lusts after an employee (Alonna Shaw) who searches the offices for evidence to help the brothers.

The climax comes in the dark hold of a ship where the muscular Kara tortures the bound girl and then battles one of the brothers to the death.

Trivia Edit

  • Cory Everson's other villainous roles include Claudia from Ballistic/Fist of Justice and the Mahar Queen from Tarzan: The Epic Adventures.

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The lesbian Kara toys with a timid girl (Alonna Shaw)

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The final fight.

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Her thighs are like a vice!

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