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Evil gang member Kara

Kara is a secondary villainess in the 1994 action thriller Drop Zone. She is played by the actress Claire Stansfield.

Kara is the only female member of a criminal gang who kidnap a rogue computer expert during an airline flight before faking their own death. Their plan is to hack into the DEA mainframe computer in Washington DC in order to steal information about undercover agents, which they would sell to the highest-bidding drug cartels. As there is a lot of parachuting involved in all this, the hero, Pete Wessip (played by Wesley Snipes), takes parachute lessons from Jessie Crossman (played by Yancy Butler) in order to track down the bad guys.

Kara is strongly involved in all of the group’s operations, from kidnapping the IT specialist to meeting the druglords on their yacht and breaking into the DEA headquarters. She reveals herself to be a ruthless killer by shooting an unarmed security guard in cold blood and at close range. She is the girlfriend of the group’s leader, Ty Moncrief (played by Gary Busey).

Towards the end of the movie, Kara comes face to face with Jessie. Both women engage in a violent fight that involves the use of a metal pole and a machine gun. Kara dominates the fight and tries to immobilize Jessie over a photocopying machine. However, Jessie turns the tables by punching her elbow into Kara’s stomach. The villainess loses her balance, and fails to fight back as Jessie pushes the photocopier to trap her against the wall. The heroine grabs the evil Kara by the hair to send her head crashing against the glass surface. In the heat of the struggle, she finishes off the badly injured Kara by violently slamming the copier’s lid down on her head, killing her. At the same time, she probably hits a button on the machine as several photocopies of Kara’s agonizing face slide out.

In the following scene, where Jessie is captured by Moncrief, we get another glimpse on Kara as she lies motionless over the processing Xerox machine. 

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  • Claire Stansfield appeared as Alti in 6 episodes of the TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess" from 1998-2001.

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