Karen White Howling II

Karen White as a villainess in Howling II

Karen White (Hana Ludvikova) was a minor villainess from Howling II:  Your Sister is a Werewolf.

Karen White was originally the main protagonist from the first film, which ended with Karen turning into a werewolf during her newscast and later shot and killed. Karen became a werewolf when she was attacked by one (revealed to be her husband, Bill) in the first film's climax.

The second film opens with Karen's funeral service, but as the pallbearers carry her coffin, Karen's eyes actually open, establishing her villainous turn. Karen's brother Ben and her co-worker Jenny were at the funeral, and later meet Stefan, who later reveals that Karen is a werewolf and shows them video of her final newscast. Ben doesn't believe the claim despite the video evidence, but Jenny does. Stefan warns that the next full moon will see all werewolves transform, including Karen, and that she must be stopped with a titanium stake. Later that night, the evil Karen rises and transforms into a werewolf at the tomb, where Stefan was about to put the titanium into her before he was stopped by Ben and Jenny. A number of werewolves appear and go after the trio, but Stefan does manage to kill Karen with the titanium after Ben shoots her.


  • Dee Wallace played Karen White in the first film in 1981.


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