Kimberly Crowley

Evil adulteress Kimberly Crowley

Kimberly Crowley (Larisa Miller) was a hidden minor villainess from "Broken Home," episode 5.16 of CSI: Miami (airdate February 19, 2007). She was the wife of Edward Crowley and the mother of their daughter, Heather.

Kimberly was also revealed to have been an adulteress prior to her death, as she was having an illicit affair with her daughter’s boyfriend, Zach Griffith. Edward had found out about their affair and confronted Zach about it late one night, with Heather witnessing their argument—initially believing that the two men were arguing about her. The brief confrontation ended when Zach killed Edward with his motorcycle helmet, and shortly after the murder, Kimberly arrived at the scene of the crime and saw her secret lover.

Instead of showing concern for her deceased husband, the evil Kimberly stated to Zach that they could finally be together and that they didn’t have to worry, and it was at that moment that Heather (having finally heard the truth for the first time) confronted her adulterous mother. Kimberly claimed to Heather that she didn’t want her daughter to find out about her affair with her boyfriend in that particular fashion, only for Heather to respond by killing her callous mother with a grill fork; she struck Kimberly’s face with the makeshift weapon in a fit of rage.