Krissy Vaine

The evil Krissy Vaine

Krissy Vaine is a retired professional wrestler best known for her brief appearance as a villainess on WWE's SmackDown program in 2007.

Before her villainous main roster debut, Krissy competed for WWE's developmental territory (at the time), Deep South Wrestling, also portraying a villainess. On September 28, 2007, Krissy made her official debut as a heel on that night's episode of SmackDown, doing so after a singles match between Torrie Wilson and Victoria. After Torrie lost her match, the evil Krissy appeared and gave a sinister glare before she attacked Torrie. Krissy laughed evilly during her attack, which continued outside the ring and ended with Krissy tossing Torrie towards the barrier. Krissy appeared on the following week's edition of SmackDown in a segment with General Manager Vickie Guerrero, negotiating her debut match on the program. However, that would be Krissy's last appearance on WWE TV, as she requested her release from the company just days later.

Krissy returned to the independent circuit after her WWE appearances, continuting to portray her heel persona. Her last match saw her cheating her way to defeating Jillian Hall via disqualification, and in 2011, Krissy officially retired from wrestling.


  • listed Krissy Vaine at #10 on their list of top 12 "One-Hit Wonders."


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