Kristen McCord

The evil Kristen McCord

Kristen McCord (Natalie Forbes) was the main villainess in "She-Devil," the 12th episode of She-Wolf of London (alternately titled, Love and Curses; airdate January 28, 1991). She was a scientist and Ian's former romantic acquaintance.


While on a date, Kristen shows Ian an aphrodisiac she had been working on and gives a dose to herself and Ian. It made them amorous for each other, but there was a side effect: it turned them both into wild beasts; complete with fangs, wild eyes, and some hair. Unbeknownst to Ian, Kristen had taken that aphrodisiac before and she had actually killed a man who met her online. After her date with Ian, Kristen was experiencing another transformation, which drove her to worry, because they were happening too fast. She kept her wild side at bay until she got to the parking lot, when she changed again and went after an onlooker. Ian was also still feeling the effects of Kristen's experiment, which led Randi to lock him up in the cage that she uses for her werewolf transformations, while she searches for Kristen.


Kristen Attacking Randi

Kristen completing her heel turn and attacking Randi

Randi finds a deranged Kristen in her home; laughing maniacally and still in her monstrous form. Kristen explained to Randi that she had taken seven doses of her aphrodisiac, and it has caused her cells to mutate, leading to her unpredictable transformations. She also stated to Randi that she is now fully embracing her heel persona, and at that moment, the evil Kristen attacked Randi and handcuffed her.

After subduing Randi, Kristen attempts to seduce Ian, who entered Kristen's place looking for Randi. When Ian rebuffs her advances, Kristen lunges after him. Meanwhile, Randi turned into a werewolf under the full moon and lunged after Kristen. Ian underwent his own change from the aphrodisiac and the three of the fought until they fell out of the window. The fall killed Kristen, and Randi (in her human form) finds her laying dead, and still in her bestial form.



She Wolf Of London 01x12 She Devil

She Wolf Of London 01x12 She Devil