Kyuuma 1 Panic Dolls
Kyuuma (
キューマ) is the evil protagonist of the 1996 PC-98 strategy game "Panic Dolls".

Kyuuma is a demon summoner who works with the evil warlard Barado. As the villainess, it is her job to prevent the game's three heroines - Phoenix Rose, Tiger Lily, and Tortoise Cherry - from venturing into his lair and defeating him.

On each floor of the dungeon, Kyuuma strategically places monsters around so that they can ambush the trio.

Kyuuma 2 Panic Dolls


Kyuuma 3 Panic Dolls

Battling Tiger Lily

Kyuuma 4 Panic Dolls

Rescued by Barado in the "good" ending...

Kyuuma 5 Panic Dolls

Having subdued the heroine trio's leader, Miki...

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