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Lady Belle Smythe (Joan Marshall) is a villainess who appears in an episode of the TV series “Lawman” (the Lady Belle).

Lady Belle Smythe is the mastermind of a gang or robbers who have been raiding a number of towns in Wyoming.  She poses as a widow and uses this disguise to gain the trust of the towns people.  When she arrives in Laramie, she befriends the local bank manager.  She manages to get the information on when the stage coach carrying cash will be arriving.  Her gang try to rob the stage, but are foiled.

The heroine, Lily, who had been insulted by Lady Belle about her dress sense, discovers Lady Belle’s plot and decides to deal with her herself.  When she confronts her, Lady Belle pulls out a pistol, but Lily reacts quickly and throws an object at her.  When Lady Belle ducks, Lily rushes over to her and delivers a solid punch to her jaw.  While Lady Belle is on the floor Lily takes her back of loot and hits her over the head with it.  She then drags a groggy Lady Belle to her feet and lets her know that her criminal days are over.

Lady Belle is then taken to jail.


LB1 (1)

Lady Belle hears someone coming...

LB1 (2)

Who can it be...

LB1 (3)

Lady Belle takes charge...

LB1 (4)

Forced to duck...

LB1 (5)

Lily delivers a punch to Lady Belle's jaw...

LB1 (6)


LB1 (7)

Lady Belle goes down..

LB1 (8)

Where am I?...

LB1 (9)

Glass eyed..

LB1 (10)

Behind bars...

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