LL ladyluger-originalGulacy

Lady Luger, as originally drawn by Gulacy

Nazi villainess Lady Luger first appeared in Bizarre Thrills (AC Comics, 1977), but was unnamed until her first featured appearance as an enemy of the FemForce heroines in the first FF issue (1984). She was initially drawn by creators Bill Black and Mark Heike, with other artists to follow in the series. Ironically, she supposedly died at the end of the first issue, but she was so popular with readers, she was brought back many times (sometimes with her Nazi henchwoman "Panzer" who wore her blonde hair in a braid under a spiked stahlhelm). Also, many independent artists have drawn their versions of her and even action figures.

Her costume is a very form-fitting black "uniform" with trademark plunging neckline, SS hat and armed with one (and sometimes two) Luger pistols/holsters and a bullwhip. And boots, of course.

She acts with stereotypical Teutonic bravado until the tables are turned, then she cringes cowardly in the face of defeat by the FF heroines.

Click this link for more images of Lady Luger by various artists.


1st featured appearance




First issue-more




First issue-more




First issue, still more


First issue, conclusion


from FemForce #131

FB1 06

FemForce Frightbook #1


FF Yesterday Syndrome #2

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