Lair of the white worm 1986 3

Amanda Donahoe as Lady Sylvia Marsh

The Lair of the White Worm is a 1988 British horror film based loosely on the Bram Stoker novel of the same name and drawing upon the English legend of the Lambton Worm. The film was written and directed by Ken Russell and stars Amanda Donohoe (Lady Sylvia) and Hugh Grant (James).

The enigmatic Lady Sylvia Marsh is the immortal priestess to the snake god Dionin, which, as James suspected, survives beneath the house in the caves which connect with Stonerich Cavern. She steals the skull and later abducts virginal Eve (Catherine Oxenburg) to be the latest sacrificial offering to her god, but her actions are discovered and archeologist Angus with the help of James manages to rescue Eve and destroy both Sylvia and the giant worm.


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Lady Sylvia picks up a boy scout on a rainy evening.

Lair smoke

... and takes him to her opulent castle home

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She seduces him in the bath...

Lair white worm donohoe hot tub freakout

... then she strikes!


Lady Sylvia rises from a basket like a snake.

Lair worm-lick

Weird dream images


Sylvia's alter ego

Lair Amanda Donohoe (2)

Lady Sylvia strikes!


In James' weird dream, Sylvia and Eve are catfighting stewardesses.


Lady Sylvia waits in a tree to seduce the virginal Eve.

Lair of white worm8

In a trance, Eve is toyed with by Lady Sylvia.

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Finally, the sacrifice of Eve to the giant white worm.

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Sylvia plans an elaborate ceremony before the sacrifice...

Lair co-lww18

Eve's virginity will first be sacrificed with THIS!

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Fortunately for Eve, there is no time for that.

Lair 07514

Sylvia tries to cut the rope which will drop Eve into the giant worm's gaping mouth!


But Sylvia slips and falls to her doom into the maw of the giant orm.

Lair 295916 full

A hand grenade tossed into the bloody mouth destroys both the worm and Lady Sylvia.