Las Bolitas are henchwomen/zako for the villain Professor Vinilo in the special one-off episode of Superamigas.

The show is a superhero action comedy with a 1960s batman-esque/Totally Spies feel to it.

Role Edit

The first time we see the bolitas is when a professional wrestler contacts the superamigas to find the people who robbed is home. by watching CCTV footage, the girls find out that the wrestler was frozen in time while 1 bolita ran into his home and stole his painting.

It turns out that Profesor Vinilo is a villain who can manipulate time with his DJ music.

When the superamigas arrive at his hide out, they see him with the of his silver clad henchwomen waiting for them and he sends his henchwomen to fight the girls "chicas!"

When he realizes that 3 henchwomen isn't enough, he presses a button and more silver clad women fall from the roof.

Skills and Abilities Edit

The bolitas show a reasonable amount of combat skills, able to hold off the superamigas for a while. This is largely aided by the interference of their boss, who manipulated time during the fight to distract the heroines. However, regardless of their skills, they're intimately nothing more tan zako, as they fall one by one against their superior opponents,

Fate Edit

the fight scene is very light hearted and the henchwomen are repeatedly humiliated y the heroines.

- A girl has a heroine's fingers stuck up her nose and then yanked out, hurting her nose (and leaving the heroine discussed) - A girl gets a lot blow in slow motion, folding over in pain - Another girl get her arms and legs tangled by the asian heroine

Even with their numerical advantage, the bolitas are no match and are all knocked out. The henchwomen are left on the floor in a pile (mixed with a couple of henchmen). We then se them occasionally in the background as the heroines fight their leader, still knocked out in a pile.

The final scene of the movie ends with a freeze frame of the superamigas, still showing the silver clad henchwomen behind them

Bonus Edit

The bolitas appear in an extra sequence as backup dancers in a short musical interlude

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