Lavender MacElroy

The villainous nurse, Lavender MacElroy

Lavender MacElroy (Molly Ringwald) is a minor villainess from Psych episode 6.06: "Shawn, Interrupted." (airdate November 16, 2011). She is a nurse at a psychiatric hospital which has Bernie Bethel, who is accused of killing his wife, as a patient.

While Shawn (posing as a patient) and Gus (posing as a janitor) were in the hospital working undercover, they discover that Lavender was in cahoots with the episode's true villain, Daniel Bethel, Bernie's brother. Lavender was paid by Daniel to tamper with Bernie's medication, therefore keeping Bernie insane. While being confronted by Shawn and Gus at her home, Lavender confessed to the duo that she did tamper with Bernie's medication, but regarding the murder of Dr. Elliot, Lavender stated that she didn't kill him. It turned out to be true, as all of them, along with Bernie, were held at gunpoint by Daniel. Lavender's fate was not revealed, though she was assumingly arrested (off-screen) for her collusion with Daniel.

Trivia Edit

  • Molly Ringwald became the second female member of the Brat Pack (fourth overall) to appear on Psych. The other was Ally Sheedy, who also portrayed a villainess, Mr. Yang.
  • Molly Ringwald previously played psychotic villainess Melissa Nelson in the 1995 film Malicious.