Lena Trent
(Season Hubley) is the main character of the episode "Final Escape" of the 80s version of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". (The same story was done in the 60s with a male character)

She was a convict, serving a life sentence for murder, who was trying to escape. Her first plan, hiding in a laundry truck failed, but she met Doc, an old employee of the woman prison, working as a paramedic, carpenter and grave digger. His eyes were getting worse, and he was hoping for an expensive surgery to be granted for him. When he finally got a letter, which appropriated the treatment, Lena pretended to pass him his glasses, but broke them on purpose. She then lied to him, that his request was rejected and convinced him, that she would pay his surgery, if he helps her to escape. Her plan was, that he would smuggle her outside in a coffin, bury her and later come back to dig her up.

Doc agreed, gave her a master key and told her to use it, when the bell tolls at night, to get into the coffin. She felt successful, while being buried, however, when hours passed without hearing anything from Doc, she got nervous. She found a match and lit it, and noticed, that it was Doc, who lie next to her in the box.


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