Lenore Karidian

i know how to use this captain

Fictional character played by Barbara Anderson on the tv series STAR TREK.

CONSCIENCE OF THE KING was the 14th episode first season of the sci fi series STAR TREK.Kirk [William Shatner] is on planet Q watching hamlet with a friend TOM LEIGHTON who accuse actor Anton Karidian of being KODOS THE EXECUTIONER Kirk doesn't believe it but his suspicions are aroused when his friend is murdered.Kirk arrainges for the KARIDAN company to be stranded and arrainges for the enterprise to take the company to its next destination. Spock [Leonard Nimoy] becomes worried about the captain and putting two and two together he confronts the captain.Meanwhile someone poisons Kevin Rileys food then tries to kill KIRK by rigging a phaser to overload nearly destroying him before he manages to jettison it into space. Kirk confronts KODOS [ARNOLD MOSS] and forces him to recite the words KODOS used to condemn 4000 colonists to death on TARSUS IV because of a plaque that all but destroyed the food supply apparently KIRK and RILEY are the only two left of nine that could identify KODOS on sight the rest having been murdered. Riley overhears MCCOY talking about KODOS sets out to kill him but KIRK stops him then confronts KODOS and LENORE and it is revealed that LENORE was killing the witnesses she grabs a guards phaser KARIDAN tries to stop her but she shoots and kills him she collapses into madness and placed in a mental ward.
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He did it he is KODOS.........

IMG 1538 zps82bfa318 (2)

kirk compares the two kudos and karidan

IMG 1564 zps3f5dc790 (2)

the killer poisons rileys milk


the play is over - the curtain must fall..

Conscience standoff

Lenore I didn't want my blood on your hands

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ceaser..beware the ides of march

IMG 1590 zps7c4978f0 (2)

Lenore don't..

Trekconscience1 (2)

wake up father - it is no time to sleep..


she goes mad...

Lenore zps40823643


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