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Leslie Giles 01
Leslie Giles (Lysette Anthony) is a villainess who appears in the film “Without a clue”.

Leslie Giles (imposter) is a member of Professor Moriaty’s gang who have stolen the Bank of England £5 banknote printing plates. She impersonates the real Leslie Giles, who is the daughter of bank clerk Peter Giles, who have both been kidnapped by the gang. She acts as a mole in order to monitor the progress Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are making on the case.

When the fake Leslie discovers Sherlock Holmes has discovered her bosses hideout, she pretends to go to the police, but instead heads to the theatre to warn her colleagues. During a scuffle the theatre catches fire, and the fake Leslie tries to escape, but she is accidently knocked out when a sandbag falls on her head. She comes to and tries to hold up the police with a pistol, but is accidently knocked out for a second time by a sandbag to the head. It is presumed she is arrested by the police.


Leslie Giles 02

A Victorian lady…

Leslie Giles 03

A damsel in distress?...

Leslie Giles 04

Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth...

Leslie Giles 05

She reveals her true colours…

Leslie Giles 06

She tries to protest her innocence…

Leslie Giles 07

Time to make an escape…

Leslie Giles 08

Hit on the head by a sandbag…

Leslie Giles 09

She make a recovery…

Leslie Giles 10

Only to be hit by a second sandbag…

Leslie Giles 11

Out cold…

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