The lovely Leslie

Actress Ruta Lee, one of the most glamourous villainesses of the 1950s and 60s, appears on the Hogan's Heroes episode Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf? as Leslie Smythe-Beddoes a beautiful British Nazi who has defected to Germany and broadcasts for the enemy.


Escaping her punishment in England by defecting to Germany, Miss Smythe-Beddoes works for the German radio. Col. Hogan and his men receive a coded message ordering them to 'silence' her. Wrongly believing at first that she is a man, Hogan contrives an assassination scheme, but calls it off once he learns the target is female.

Hogan learns that Leslie is going to present Col. Klink with an award on live radio, and tricks her into believing that he too is a Nazi. She agrees to interview him on the same broadcast. During the live broadcast, heard by the Fuehrer himself, Hogan makes himself a caricature of a Nazi traitor. Leslie's superior cuts off the broadcast and informs her that SHE is the one in trouble for this fiasco.

The scene ends with Leslie's superior speaking on the phone to his own superior, as Leslie nervously awaits word. He tells that she is under arrest and she gasps and sinks, defeated into a chair.


Working with the bad guys


The tables are turned


Under arrest

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