Wait Until Dark Samantha Jones 1967

Samantha Jones as "Lisa" in WAIT UNTIL DARK

High fashion model Samantha Jones plays a small but pivotal roll as ill-fated drug smuggler Lisa in WAIT UNTIL DARK (1967).

A fortune in heroin sewn inside a doll tempts drug courier Lisa into going into business for herself instead of just smuggling it into the US from Canada.

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Seeing her handler (Alan Arkin) waiting for her at the New York airport, she asks a stranger (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) to hold the doll for her, which becomes lost in plot twists. The handler punishes Lisa for her treachery by killing her (off screen) and leaving her hanging in the apartment closet owned by the stranger and his blind wife (Audrey Hepburn).

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Wait Until Dark Samantha Jones 1967-2
Wait Until Dark Samantha Jones 1967-2a

Lisa has a plane to catch.

Wait Until Dark Samantha Jones 1967-3

Smoking a cigar while she waits.

Wait Until Dark Samantha Jones 1967-4

Dopey doll is ready to go.

Wait Until Dark Samantha Jones 1967-5

At the NY airport, "Please hold my doll for me." (with Efrem Zimbalist Jr.)

Wait Until Dark Samantha Jones 1967-6

Another thug (Richard Crenna) finds the traitorous Lisa hanging in a closet, killed by her handler.

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