Lois and Clark Sandra Hess 410a

Sandra Hess as Lisa Rockford

Lisa Rockford (formerly known as Lisel Schumann) was a villain who appeared in the episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman episode Super Mann.

She was one of three Nazi officers who emerged from suspended animation to the present day United States to find that Nazi Germany had lost the war. Still devoted to the Nazi cause, they work to change America into a Nazi country with an organisation called the NSBA (National Society For A Better America) and again try to conquer the world.

She posed undercover as a fashion model until the right time emerged.

After finding out that Daily Planet reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent were on to them, Lisa decided to eliminate them. Later that night she fires a LAW rocket at him from a van through the window of Lois' apartment. Clark in his alter-ego od Superman catches the rocket harmlessly and seeks out the shooter sitting in the van. Lisa bites a cyanide capsule and dies.

She was portrayed by actress Sandra Hess


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