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Lorna Dean, played by the actress Alexia Aleman. She plays the mega-spoiled daughter of a small-town restaurant owner. The main character, Sarah Leigh played by Robin Sydney, is a bakery owner of a competing business. She is working late with Brick Fields played by Jonathan Chase. Brick happens to be the boyfriend of Lorna, and when she makes a visit to the bakery, all jealousy takes form.

Alexia Aleman Gingerdead Man
Alexia Aleman gingerdead

Lorna returns to the bakery later to plant a rat in the shop so that the health department will shut them down, but is discovered by Sarah. A catfight takes place with pies and flower being thrown in the face of Lorna.  During the fight a switch causes a surge of electricity into the oven where the gingerbread man is cooking.

When the Gingerdead Man played by the voice of Gary Busey, comes to light, the three put their differences aside to stay alive. Lorna steals her fathers ring outside while he lays dead across a car. When coming back inside the bakery, she triggers a tripwire that lodges a knife into her forehead, killing her.


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