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Stealing the lungs

Louise is played by 48 year old Ann Turkel and is the girlfriend and co-villian of Ardo Detriti (Gregory Scott Cummins) in the the 1994 episode "What Money Can't Buy" for the TV series "Robocop".

Plot Edit

A sickly boy who was rescued from the slums of Old Detroit desperately needs a lung transplant to stay alive. At the eleventh hour, his donor lungs are stolen by Louise who plans to sell them on the black market for top dollar.

Character Edit

Louise is a sexy, powerful babe who is submissive to her boyfriend Ardo. She wears various leather and pvc outfits throughout the episode and makes several references to the pleasure she gets from being placed in bondage. She is intelligent, ruthless, greedy and outspoken, however her sexually submissive inclinations and obedience to Ardo ultimately lead to her capture.

Fate Edit

Louise and Ardo manage to board a boat and make their escape with the promise of several millions of dollars for the lungs Louise is already planning for a private dungeon and a life of luxury.

However Robocop (Richard Eden) appears and fires a non-lethal inflatable device into the boat that secures Louise and Ardo. Robocop is then seen pulling the boat back to shore, where it is assumed that Louise is placed into handcuffs and placed in jail, that she obviously will get a thrill out of.


  • Ann Turkel appeared as Bianca in the 1985 episode "Knight in Retreat" for the TV series "Knight Rider".