Lydia Faulk

Villainous prosecutor Lydia Faulk

Lydia Faulk (Merle Dandridge) is the hidden villainess from The Mentalist episode 6.20: "Il Tavolo Bianco" (airdate May 4, 2014). She is a corrupt prosecutor who made a monetary deal with Jon Ocardo, who killed a man named Elijah Macey.

As part of the deal, the evil Lydia tampered with the grand jury and presented the case in such a fashion that Ocardo would avoid being indicted. To catch Lydia, a sting was set up which included Patrick Jane testifying over his role regarding the death of Thomas McAllister, aka notorious serial killer Red John.

After Ocardo was finally indicted, Lydia was confronted with evidence of her meeting with Ocardo, as well as a large sum of money deposited in an offshore account in her name. With the mounting evidence against her, Lydia was arrested for tampering with the grand jury.

Trivia Edit

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